Costco Wholesale

EdgePower provides lighting and supervisory HVAC control hardware, installation, and support services to Costco Wholesale. Numerous Costco locations throughout North America are equipped with the EdgePower energy management gateway allowing for local and remote web-based management of building energy systems. Many of these systems have been installed for over 10 years. EdgePower systems at existing and new sites deliver a consistent web interface for Costco’s energy management information and controls.

Energy Management Customer

EdgePower provides enterprise energy monitoring to an S&P 500 company. This customer is using EdgePower’s enterprise server to monitor real-time electricity consumption and renewable generation information for sites across the United States. The EdgePower enterprise software accesses facility energy data remotely and provides the customer with centralized access to historical data, trending, and charting.  This data is provided on both a site-by-site and portfolio-wide basis to identify potential energy saving opportunities.

Green Button

EdgePower is working with multiple US Investor Owned utilities to implement Green Button Connect Data. Stay tuned for future updates regarding how to share your data with EdgePower’s enterprise energy data server.