Energy Management

The foundation to the EdgePower Energy Management is the uniquely powerful Object Oriented application software.  This software allows for the integration of disparate building energy systems.  The unique ability to pull information into one platform, run analysis on the data, and to directly control devices, makes it one of the most powerful and flexible Building Management Systems in the world.

EdgePower offers a suite of web-based energy management platforms that include on-site supervisory control of energy systems and cloud-based enterprise management of energy data. Our team is well versed in sourcing and aggregating your utility data, real-time load information, and renewable energy production data into actionable energy management recommendations.

Lighting and HVAC Control

EdgePower specializes in getting the best energy performance out of your Lighting, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning equipment.  Our web-based energy management platform is uniquely capable of interfacing with an array of building hardware. Our lighting control capability spans the entire marketplace, from industry-leading control of advanced wireless-dimmable LED fixtures to controls retrofits of decades-old HID lighting contactor systems.  Our HVAC experience includes direct supervisory interface to major heating and cooling equipment providers.

Renewable Energy Integration

Matching energy production from a rooftop solar PV system to building loads can significantly increase financial returns from renewable energy investments.  Active load control, predictive load management, and real-time monitoring of energy flows in a building unlock utility bill savings above and beyond basic kWh savings.  EdgePower’s deep experience in both solar and building energy management uniquely positions us to assist large commercial building owners and operators in getting the most out of their facilities.