Welcome to EdgePower

We develop, sell, and deploy building energy management software and hardware

EdgePower was formed to tackle the most challenging behind-the-meter energy issues for large commercial energy consumers.  Our on site and cloud-based energy management systems are deployed into nearly 400 sites throughout the US and internationally.

We have recently been awarded a Department of Energy SunShot grant for our work with Clean Power Research on Predictive Solar-Integrated Commercial Building Load Control.

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Managing energy consumption and making utility data visible are keys to finding and eliminating wasted utility spending. EdgePower’s team has decades of experience turning the fog of kW, kWh and therms into customer utility bill savings. Call EdgePower to find out what our web-based energy management tools can do for you.

Smoothly functioning energy controls and simple user interfaces can free up management teams to do what they do best: run the business.  Whether your building is new or old, EdgePower’s patented EnFlex Energy Management system can interface with your existing equipment to deliver the building performance you expect.  Call us today to find out how we can integrate modern web-based energy controls into your facility plans.

Renewable energy systems such as rooftop solar PV offer locked-in utility bill savings. Frequently customers have multiple solar monitoring platforms that can be integrated into the consistent EdgePower platform. Linking renewable energy to building loads opens up additional utility bill savings. If your solar PV is not yet communicating to your energy controls, give EdgePower a call to find out how much more you could be saving.