EdgePower was formed in July 2014 to tackle the most challenging behind-the-meter energy issues for large electricity consumers. EdgePower sells and deploys building energy management software, including site control software, web based user interface, and an enterprise web application.

EdgePower Overview

EdgePower Background

Energy management and control for commercial buildings.

Proprietary Enterprise Energy Management Technology

Cloud-based platform for commercial energy monitoring, control, data analysis, alerting, and reporting.

Long Track Record with Marquee Customers

EdgePower systems are currently installed in almost 700 commercial sites across North America monitoring and controlling over 200,000 devices.

Recipient of 3 national grants

DOE-funded development of integrating energy storage with lighting and HVAC.


Enterprise Lighting, HVAC Control, and Monitoring solutions at over 700 locations across the United States, Canada and Mexico.​

The Enterprise Lighting solution includes wireless LED dimming that matches indoor lighting to natural light to save energy and optimize lighting conditions.​

Cloud-based system monitoring providing real-time alerting and reporting on HVAC, lighting, and metering.

The in-house EdgePower Operations Center supports facilities across 7 different time zones responding to over thousands routine support tickets annually.